The Cobbler (Ben Arthur)

A hike to the Cobbler (884 meters) is one of the most popular of the shorter and easier routes in the Southern Highlands. It is a very pleasant mostly gravel path without any bogginess (in reasonable weather). It also has a pretty constant ascent grade making it suitable for a brutal workout, especially if somebody has only 4 hours to complete the hike before the train back. 

The official route guide recommends taking the more gradual path up and the "scramble one" down. I would argue that the opposite direction is more logical, as it is easier to climb the rocks on the way up than on the way down. It will also be a bit faster.

There are two options on how to get there by public transport from Glasgow - either by bus 926 to Arrochar (book at least 2 days in advance as this tends to get sold out), or by a train to Arrochar & Tarbet, which can also get very packed. Both routes take almost the same time, but keep in mind that the train station is about 2 km further away from the start of the hike than the bus stop. 


Relive Video (GPS)