I finally had a chance to see Bergen - Norway's second biggest city and the rainiest city in Europe [1]. I had only 3 hours of free time, but I couldn't wish for more as I managed to hike to Fløyen in the best ever weather and walk around the city center the next morning. 


I arrived to Bergen at 7pm and head straight to Fløyen - around 300 meters tall mountain. The round trip hike was around 8km mostly in beautiful forest and on gravel trails. I met a lot of sporty Norwegians including some hardcore runners. Tourists probably prefer to take the Fløibanen.   


After the "spring" in Gjøvik, Bergen felt more like a city somewhere in south Europe. It was also caused by the fact that all I could hear was English, German and all the other languages except Norwegian. It seemed to be an amazing place to live. Until the next day when the rain started again.