Gjøvik I.

"Best pictures from my first year in Gjøvik."

Perfect timing First snow (19.10.) Gjøvik in Autumn
Sign from above II. After rain Daily wonders II.
Autumn colors Season ends Camping place
Sol Bikkjebakkmyra Extremely unlucky
Fogdehytta Maybe edible Hidden lake
Instead of Perseids Edible? August - the end of summer
Summer nights Ideal couple Don't throw up
Skumsjøen An average house Behind Hunndalen
10pm Mini-town Eikstadtjernet
Kastadtjernet Season starts Elven boat
Take a swim Storm Fastland
Helgøya Secret beach Gjøvik
Glæstadtjernet Mjøspromenaden Fields and farms
Double treasure Bråstad kirke Sign from above
Definitely not electric She does My neighborhood (summer ed.)
Gjøvik from Ramberget Høgfallet Into the secret forest
Beach is ready Our night Pinkies
Fairy flower God tur Growing
Deep blue Spring is coming Taste of water
Sun in Mjøsa Happy Easter Private ski slope
Hunderfossen Iskatedral Heaven's light Troll
Can't see much Not going out Almost black and white
Terrified on Mjøsa Daily wonders No more running water
This way Battle with ice Take a seat
Hard work Breaking ice Step into a river in -23°
Pink Which way Bergstoppen
Poles Fields and forests Afternoon in the neighborhood
My neighborhood -18° Tentacles
Frost magic Braastad waterfall 2 Fog of war
-10° Ski slope My angel
Eiktunet 2 Gjøvik from Bergstoppen Sun's maximum
Eiktunet 1 Braastad waterfall 1 Stuck
Shores of Mjøsa A toy Shine
Path Sunrise Charging
Valley Fairy entrance Just slide
Gjøvik kirke Hike route NTNU
Eiktunet in November Watching sunrise Setting sun