Visit of Norway's National Smart Grid Lab and the faculty day event allowed me to stay five days in Trondheim. Located about 300 km north of Gjøvik in Trondheim Fjord, it welcomed me with white nights and Lancaster-ish weather. Luckily, I had some opportunities to explore a few places. Most notably Norway's most famous cathedral - Nidarosdomen. 

September 2022 Update

I used train instead of a plane for my second trip. It was a less hectic travel with the same travel time (6h). Sure, my butt hurted a little bit more, but the views from the train were well worth the pain. I saw everything - from green fields, snowy mountains, scary troll passes, deep forests to several waterfalls and many tunnels.

June 2023 Update

This was the first time I could explore the western part of Trondheim and its nature. I was really surprised how close nature is to the city center and how many beautiful places there are. I could almost imagine living there. But the weather! I was prepared for the rain and wind, but 5° in June felt a bit cold even to me. I asked about that and as always, Trondheim's people only shrugged their shoulders, smiled and said there might not be summer this year again. And then started talking about three weeks of blue sky and warm temperatures sometimes back in 2019. Tough guys. 


Trondheim is students and tourists city and finding a place to get vegan food is super easy. I have tried very nice (but busy) Mat fra Hagen and convenient S'wich. Both my hotels (Comfort Hotel Trondheim and Scandic Solsiden) then offered many vegan breakfast options (plant milks and yogurts, baked beans and even vegan cheese).