Voss (West Norway)

My first proper holiday in Norway - in Voss municipality near Bergen, where we spent 8 days exploring many waterfalls, villages, fjords and did a few recommended hikes. 


The weather started typically for this region, so we spent our first day in Flåm, where we took the famous Flåmsbana, where we were protected from the rain - except at the optional stop at Kjosfossen waterfall with a dancing Huldra. 
    On the way back, we left the train at Lunden and did a short walk (which was harder than expected) to Brekkefossen waterfall. 
Drive to Flåm Kjosfossen View on Flåm
Brekkefossen Church in Voss Fridge on Dronningstien hike


To my surprise, the girls really brought the sun with them, so the next day, we could hike the famous Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail or at least, our newly formed A+ team could. I messed up the navigation a bit, so we had to hike an extra 3 km and a couple of hundreds of vertical meters to reach the original parking place. Luckily, my team didn't mind. And the A team was enjoying chilling on a pier so much, they barely noticed our almost 2h delay (this time caused by a Google maps glitch, totally not my fault). The hike was really superb with amazing views on the Sørfjorden. Just a world of advice: next time don't be a hero and bring long pants. Oh and there is also a fridge with drinks on the way! 
    Relive video (GPS)         
Climb from Kinsarvik A+ team Sørfjorden
HM Queen Sonja’s panoramic hike Skrikjofossen Monk steps down to Lofthus


We took it easy the following day, making it to three distinct waterfalls. It meant a lot of driving for the girls, but Vøringfossen was especially breathtaking and I am not sure if something can beat that experience. Another important lesson learned: when tasting fjord water (it is not salty despite the fact it is connected with sea), rocks can be very slippery! 
Skjervsfossen Valley Skjervsfossen Fjord in Kinsarvik
Path to Tveitafossen Tveitafossen Vøringfossen and Tysvikjofossen
Fossatromma Måbødalen Valley Vøringfossen


The girls' sun powers became depleted this morning, so we used the opportunity to take a short walk in Voss around the lake to Bordalsgjelet gorge. The weather got better in the afternoon, so the A+ team made a short hike to Hedleberget, where a slate quarry used to be. The place is now used for parties, which begs the question of how nobody has fallen from the rail track yet.    
Bordalsgjelet Gorge Hedleberget Hedleberget party house


The next day we felt strong enough to hike one of the highest mountains in the area - Oksen which has 1241m elevation. The Norwegian web translated the hike as "těžká jízda" and we had to agree. I personally didn't mind the steepness so much, but I did mind the walk through a swamp and being in wet shoes all day. Even the Norwegian kids were crying here when their parents took them for a "perfect" night spent in a cottage (no running water, no electricity) at 1000 meters. We only hoped they were not doing this to them every weekend. We were a bit surprised by the first snow field, but by the third one, we climbed it as if it was completely natural for us. The view from the top was another unforgettable experience and the highlight of the holiday.  
Hi, who are you?  Lake with the cottage (hytta) Eid Fjord
First summit view View towards Voss Never stop smiling
Oksen summit - 1241 m. View towards Kinsarvik Hardangerfjorden


We used another beautiful day for a 2 hours cruise by an electric boat Power of the Fjords - from Gudvangen to Flåm and another 2 hours to get back. I thought this could be done in any weather, and that it might be a waste of a nice day, but when the boat started to sail, even in this beautiful weather, not everybody managed to stay on the deck all the time as the wind made it extremely chilly. Definitely don't do this in rain! I also suggest taking warm clothes. Otherwise, the sail was just beautiful, and the boat was completely silent and very smooth (well, someone from our group would disagree, but still nobody puked).  
Viking Valley (Gudvangen) Nærøyfjord  Power of the Fjords electric boat
Aurland Approaching Flåm Ferry
Sagfossen In Flåm Back in Gudvangen
Bridge over Vøringfossen (day 3) Huldra Charging of the boat (25 minutes)

Voss Gondol

After an easy day spent standing on the boat, some of us didn't have enough, so we took a cable car from Voss to Hangurstoppen (820m.), where we had dinner and some fun on various attractions (to take a single swing was for me definitely more challenging than the entire boat trip). The cable car is fully automated and goes until 10pm, so it is nice to just enjoy a late picnic on top of the hill.  
Voss from above Fun on the swing set Voss Gondol

Four waterfalls hike

We returned to Kinsarvik in order to complete the hike via 4 waterfalls. We had already seen Tveitafossen, but this time we continued up until we reached Søtefossen. This was a popular hike with many tourists despite the not so great weather. Luckily it started to rain only when we reached the last waterfall, so on the way back we took a gravel road shortcut. This way, we avoided the now very slippery rocks, but I still had to butt slide one of them.   
Nyastølfossen Nykkjesøyfossen Søtefossen


I shouldn't mention anything about my eating during this holiday, but I had to recommend one fast food place owned by a lovely polish lady - Kjappen Voss. She has a delicious vegan burger, which along with Peppes was basically my only option to eat out in Voss. No complaints here, a perfect excuse to eat pizza and burgers every day.    
Peppes "Oh my garden" Oats porridge everyday Vegan burger

Video from the stay