Summer Hikes

I have already explored all areas around Gjøvik last summer, so this time, I have expanded my hikes a little bit to the Innlandet county. 


This hike was organized by our DION group and we were taken by bus to Oksbakke area from where we did a short circular hike to the 812m high Tjuvåskampen. Atmosphere on the hike was superb and nobody complained even the slightest despite the fact that I messed up navigation a bit (ehm I just wanted to explore one more viewpoint :) ).     

Relive Video (GPS)

View towards Totenåsen On top of Tjuvåskampen - 812m Local bibliotek

Hervenknappen and Nyhusknappen 

Hervenknappen and Nyhusknappen are two hills with almost 800m in Totenåsen area south of Skreia. Climb from Skreia means solid elevation, but it is also possible to park practically next to the top. After climbing between not at all shy sheep, I appreciated nice leveled path around Hervenknappen with several small lakes. 

Relive Video (GPS)

Curious sheep everywhere Climb to Hervenknappen Hervenknappen - 784m
Lake before Hervenknappen Around Hervenknappen View from Nyhusknappen

Moelv and Lundehøgda 

I have been using Moelv all the time to transfer between buses and trains on my ways to the airport, but this was the first time I explored the area. Moelv lies on the Mjøsa shore and has amazing beaches hidden in the forest. North of the town is around 575m high hill Lundehøgda with an amazing view towards Gjøvik.  

Relive Video (GPS)

1.5km long Mjøsbrua Tolvsteinsringen Beaches in Moelv
Lundehøgda View towards Oslo Living in nature
Gjøvik from Lundehøgda View to the north Relax at Lundehøgda 


Skumsjøen is a popular lake near Raufoss. It is famous for the DNT Osbakken cabin and many activities available. I have walked around the entire lake, which is an easy 10km-ish hike. The east side goes very near the shore, while the west side offers two options. I recommend to climb a little bit higher via Utsikten which offers several views especially towards Raufoss.  

Path around the lake DNT Osbakken Skumsjøen
On the north-west side View from Utsikten In Raufoss

Bråstad area 

Despite those hikes, I still love what I have on "my backyard" and I never get bored walking to Bråstad, Bergstoppen and Ramberget. 
From Bergstoppen Shortcut Kastadtjernet
Bråstad kirke mushroom Gjøvik from Ramberget Bråstadfossen