Czechia 2023

My first summer visit of Czechia in the past 3 years. I had the privilege to show the country to my Malaysian colleagues and could therefore visit places I would not normally go.

Pardubice area

I spent most of the time in the area around my hometown Pardubice - either running, cycling or hiking.

Toulovcovy Mastale and Bilek 

Two of my absolute favourite places near Pardubice. While Bilek valley changed quite a bit (forestry work), Toulovcovy Mastale were still exactly how I remembered them.

Jeseniky mountains

I spent several days in Jeseniky mountains - an amazing location with almost no tourists. It also has the longest suspension bridge in the world - Sky Bridge 721, which is of course quite popular.

I also had a chance to visit my best friend, the most talented artist in Czechia and to buy a few paintings! She can draw almost anything - feel free to contact her on

Kutna Hora and Prague 

I am not a huge fan of big cities, Prague especially, but as I had to travel there anyway, I took the 2 mandatory pictures. I enjoyed the visit to the town of Kutna Hora much more - it is way less touristy, quieter, cleaner, and full of beautiful churches. 


While vegan products are becoming more common in Czechia, it is unfortunately still rare to find a traditional Czech restaurant offering anything vegan. On top of it, waitresses are often openly laughing about such a question and make jokes about vegans - which is just a Czech nature. Luckily, Indian restaurants, tearooms and some pizzerias (ask about milk in dough) are more vegan friendly.